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RELEASED! Wow do I love petite mixed girls and Honey here is a textbook definition of one! I had to check her ID about 5 times to make sure I was in the clear she looks so young but after assuring myself I would be ok we proceeded to talk about all the wonderful things she could do with me and how she had never touched a penis before since she had always been with girls previously. So of course she qualified as a footjobvirgin and in this video we cure that ill! She told me she didn't want to do it until we got her a pedicure BUT its my belief that when the iron is hot you freaking STRIKE it so I said lets just do it now and worry about that later. Cause you never know when they might not be back. And she was still too shy to go fully nude but did enjoy the Hitachi wand over her panties and thats still super hot to watch. Hope you all enjoy watching beautiful Honey Rose almost as much as I did playing with her!

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Where sexy ladies learn the sacred-art of the tease-denial footjob! Did you know that only about 1 in 10 ladies out there have ever gotten a guy off with their feet? Thats right 90% of women in the world are a footjobvirgin!! And only about 1 in 3 girls has even ever had their toes sucked on. We think that is a shame and our mission is to find beautiful ladies that want to add this wonderful tool to their sexual toolbelt cause you never know when having that valuable skill will come in handy! Footjobvirgin.Com ... Showing ladies the true fun of foot fetish!

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