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I think this is the most intense exciting foot fetish experience I EVER have filmed in my 13 years of shooting content. These girls had never done any kind of sex work at all which made this whole thing extra exciting because I was popping their cherries on that interesting field. You guys might have figured out by now that I am REALLY super-into Multiracial girls and well I found this one SUPER pretty babe Autum while browsing around on Instagram but I was traveling away from home at the time so I just built a friendship with her buying foot pics and video clips and I'd cashapp her a lil each time and this lasted for quite a few months before the stars aligned and I was home at the same time she was available to come shoot. But she was VERY Specific that neither she nor her girlfriend were comfortable with any nudity OR penis contact of any kind and I was 100% ok with that. I can very much enjoy just taking pics and videos of gorgeous girls if they get their feet out Im happy enough right? So I brought Autum and her wifey Kali (both 18yo btw) over for a Banana Peeling video and we had a VERY fun time shooting that. After a while being here they felt really comfortable and relaxed and by the time we left they were making plans for another visit and telling me about their roommate Winter (20yo) who was also multiracial with some Asian in her but also VERY lesbian. And we planned out this video that you see here. As of today May 2023 I have not edited that Banana Peeling yet but I will at some point for sure. Guys I can tell you having 6 pretty feet sliding over my legs and tummy with a liberal drenching of lube and baby oil all over their soles and me is EVERY BIT as exciting as it looks like it was. I had enjoyed 2 girls doing that before a long time ago but 3 was a new sensory experience altogether! And knowing ( at least believing at first ) that they were not going to get my cock involved just ramped up the tease factor EXTRA high! PARTS BREAKDOWN: FULL VIDEO One Hour Twenty Minutes long Available on Clips4Sale or soon on Manyvids: Part 1 (This Clip): This is Part 1 and the first 14 minutes of this over-one-hour Foot Fetish tease session video. Part 2: Minutes 12-30 Edges #1-6 Autum just starts to slide her foot inside my briefs and I feel her toes directly on my cock right as Part 2 ends. Part 3 gets REALLY intense.

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Where sexy ladies learn the sacred-art of the tease-denial footjob! Did you know that only about 1 in 10 ladies out there have ever gotten a guy off with their feet? Thats right 90% of women in the world are a footjobvirgin!! And only about 1 in 3 girls has even ever had their toes sucked on. We think that is a shame and our mission is to find beautiful ladies that want to add this wonderful tool to their sexual toolbelt cause you never know when having that valuable skill will come in handy! Footjobvirgin.Com ... Showing ladies the true fun of foot fetish!

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