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So I went on a vacation of sorts to spend time with some family with my Mom and snuck along a camera and some lights hoping I could sneak away and get some shooting done with an amazing new model and this plan worked out amazingly well when I connected with Esmeralda featured here! Wow does this curvy and beautiful Latina LOVE LOVE LOVE Foot-guys! She has really perfected the art of the footjob and even before I got to the apartment she borrowed for the shoot she had me plenty worked up and already on edge (in a good way) because the night before she had been texting me telling me how much she was looking forward to teasing me and that I better not cum the night before because she wanted me primed and ready for her to tease. And tease she did. You will see a part in there where she had me begging for her to stop about 6 times in a 3-minute span because she was having so much fun rubbing her feet on me knowing it was driving me insane with my cock wanting to cum and my brain wanting to hang on still for as many edges as possible. One of the most interesting parts of this video was when I did lose control and start cumming her hands were on me at that moment but she reflexively switched to her feet to finish me off without a second's thought. A true footguy's fantasy girl! If you want to follow Esmeralda you can find her on Twitter <a href="" target="_blank">@footchick1</a> and Instagram <a href="" target="_blank">@footchick</a>

90 min of video

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Where sexy ladies learn the sacred-art of the tease-denial footjob! Did you know that only about 1 in 10 ladies out there have ever gotten a guy off with their feet? Thats right 90% of women in the world are a footjobvirgin!! And only about 1 in 3 girls has even ever had their toes sucked on. We think that is a shame and our mission is to find beautiful ladies that want to add this wonderful tool to their sexual toolbelt cause you never know when having that valuable skill will come in handy! Footjobvirgin.Com ... Showing ladies the true fun of foot fetish!

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