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RELEASED! So you all might have seen my <a href="" target="_blank">FootJobVirgin film</a> that I shot during Fetishcon 2016 with this Brazilian Bombshell Stefania and if you pay attention you will see that I really messed it up. You know I like to have the girls edge me at least once through my drawers before I feel their naked soles right on me... But with Stefania I got way too excited way too fast and blew in my undershorts. Talk about a smack in the forehead moment. Well here we are and its Fetishcon 2017 and YES! Im able to get ahold of her and she is down to play the "Edging Game" with me!! So here it is and I am proud to say that having JUST SHOT an Edging Game with the incredibly amazing <a href="" target="_blank">Ashlynn Taylor</a> about 12 hours before I did much MUCH better with Stefania this time around! IN fact we made it a respectable number of "STOP!"s before I messed up and came but it was an honorable effort and my dignity is restored. Its both hands and feet in this one and it was spectacularly enjoyable! Thank you Stefania for an amazing time! If you want to keep up with Stefania you can follow her Twitter <a href="" target="_blank">@Stefania_Mafra</a> and check out her <a href="" target="_blank">Video-Clips for sale here</a>!

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Where sexy ladies learn the sacred-art of the tease-denial footjob! Did you know that only about 1 in 10 ladies out there have ever gotten a guy off with their feet? Thats right 90% of women in the world are a footjobvirgin!! And only about 1 in 3 girls has even ever had their toes sucked on. We think that is a shame and our mission is to find beautiful ladies that want to add this wonderful tool to their sexual toolbelt cause you never know when having that valuable skill will come in handy! Footjobvirgin.Com ... Showing ladies the true fun of foot fetish!

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